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Despite the long history, the Belgian gambling only became regulated in when the first Gaming and Betting Act was approved by the government and the Gambling Commission was established. The same age requirements apply to online games of chance and bets. Secondly, you can choose the currency you want to use to make your deposit or to withdraw your winnings from the best Belgian casino online.

Besides this general taxation system, casinos are also taxed on the gross margin, depending on the type of game played. Class I gaming establishments casinos must be authorised by the King. This allows the Gaming Commission to identify the applicant and assess their suitability for a licence. There are several specific tax regimes which are summarised below. On request from Parliament or a respective minister, the Gaming Commission provides advice about legislative or regulatory issues within the scope of the Gaming Act.

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Enforcement and Liability. Does Belgium Tax Gambling Winnings? These can be credit or debit cards, Skrill, PayPal, etc. The Gaming Commission is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Gaming Act and controlling the licences that have been granted. Of course, many of those are also undoubtedly wagering on those games too.

This blacklist contains the websites that are blocked in Belgium because they do not have the necessary licence. Sports betting The Gaming Act does not impose separate requirements for sports betting. The exemption for online and offline lotteries and for offline games of chance is maintained. Security of payment transactions between it and the players. The Gaming Act prohibits certain persons from accessing casinos and gaming arcades for example, magistrates.

Therefore, the Belgian gambling legislation introduces a parallel between offline and online licences. We continue to keep an eye on the Belgium casinos to update this page as soon as any new Belgium online casinos appear so that we can check them personally and be the first who show them to you. Usually he will be able to bet these currencies in the game at some point. For many years, Belgium has remained one of a few European countries that are welcoming the online gambling and issuing the gambling licenses to the international online casinos.

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There are nine available licences and nine active licences. The history of the Belgian gambling market dates back much earlier than you could expect.

Local authorities in turn regulate building and exploitation permits for casinos and gambling or betting halls. Where the uncertain act has already occurred.

Debit cards and major credit cards are the payment method of choice in Belgium. Belgium Betting Sites and Bookmakers.

Casinos class I gaming establishment. Land-based gambling No separate definition of land-based gambling exists in Belgian law and the general definition applies see above, General definition. Licences from foreign jurisdiction are not recognised. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before playing online.

The gamblers can enjoy the online gambling in Belgium in quite a lot of the licensed Belgium casino sites that offer all kinds of casino games. Belgian land-based casinos and online betting sites are very strict with this. Information provided to players about the lawfulness of online games of chance offered on a licensed website. What are the limitations or requirements imposed on online gambling operators? As you may already know, credit cards for online gambling gambling laws are not the same across Europe.

In the present day, gambling is still as active and as popular, although definitely somewhat more regulated now than in the days of old. Mobile, which is temporary and offers bets during and at events, sports games or sports competition. Draft Royal Decree regarding the conditions for offering games of chance by information society tools.

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Which are contrary to public order or morality. Developments and reform Legal development. Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Belgium.

Gaming in Belgium overviewGaming in Belgium overview

The blacklist still exists to this date. This falls under the same licensing regime as betting in general see above, Betting.

So today we are talking about the Belgian online gambling laws and how you can enjoy the safe online gambling in Belgium legally. How Regulated is the Belgian Gambling Market? For all of these, the Lotteries Act explicitly provides that the National Lottery may use instruments of the information society see Online gambling. What are the peculiarities of the legal online casinos in Belgium?

Gaming in Belgium overview

Duration of licence and cost In relation to duration, see above, Available licences. The Belgian gambling market is one of the most highly regulated markets in the world. Certain games of chance are explicitly excluded from betting and gaming tax, such as permitted lotteries. Operating a casino requires an A licence see Available licences.

In addition, the licence holders must pay an annual fee. Procuring a license in Belgium is no easy task. However, there are ways to circumnavigate these laws, as the case of bwin.

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Casinos can therefore offer poker both as a table game and as an automatic game. Licences are available for five-year periods and are renewable. The same rule is applicable to shareholders of corporations that are not legal entities if the shareholders, managers or representatives have breached the relevant legislation.

There are nine categories of licence see Available licences. Bingo Bingo is a table game that may be offered in a class I gaming establishment, that is, in a casino see above, Casino games. The Gaming Commission must process applications for an online licence within six months of receipt.

There is currently no regulation in force that specifically regulates social games. All of these sportsbooks are very safe, secure, and highly respected operations. Prepaid cards are also widely accepted and easy to use. Gambling companies pay taxes and they are also charged annual licensing fees. Party responsible for the administration.

Its powers are set by the Gaming Act, as described above. To let you learn more about the legislative twists and turns, we are collecting the frequently asked questions on the subject and post the answers given by the field experts. The loss or gain must be exclusively determined by chance without any active involvement or intervention of the player, regardless of the player's skill. Draft Royal Decree on monitoring and control procedures for games of chance operated through authorised websites.