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Men playing poker game scene black and white realistic gambling tattoo on chest. It is known to bring luck in the game. Later on millions of spectators watched this inscription on the contestant during the battle.

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Roulette wheel with motto on ribbon tattoo. While gambling can provide people more money than they ever imagined, there is also a dark side to gambling that affects a large portion of the population. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It became the symbol of risk, gambling. While some may see it as reckless, the true gambler knows this is a part of them that they love to wear on their sleeves.

Toggle navigation Tattooimages. Roulette, playing card and skull black and white gambling tattoo on arm. Gambling themed big black ink card and dice tattoo on arm. Awesome black and white gambling themed black ink tattoo on sleeve. The tradition of ornamenting the body with symbols came to us from ancient times.


The whole story was made up by Golden Palace Casino. Enterprising advertisers, who had to advertise on the new gambling project, imagined one extraordinary way to do it. Each ornament had its destiny and was closely connected with spiritual world of their host. The gambling tattoos are symbolic of a lifestyle of someone that flies by the seat of their pants. Gorgeous colored playing cards with antic keys and lock gambling shoulder tattoo.

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Gambling can be exciting when under control, and for many it represents a way of life that is more thrilling than working any regular job. The association to these symbols can mean one thing to some and a completely another thing to another.

54 Gambling Tattoos and Their Meanings

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Make no mistake about it, genting casino operating hours you can easily recognize gambling tattoos when you see them. Magnificent gambling themed half colored detailed tattoo on arm.

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Blue vamp lady with daemon tools in colour. These symbols not only brought luck to the player but also could reveal what games the player went for and liked the most. Gambling theme tattoo with cards and woman face.


Those who have lost money, family, friends, and possessions to gambling use the tattoo as a symbolic representation of their past and moving on. Those who have lost everything or are still battling a gambling addiction make use of the gambling tattoos to remind them of the power within to beat their addiction. Especially popular are the gambling tattoos representing dice. Gamblers girl and life sleeve tattoo. Their luck can also spill over into their romances, their business life, and their ability to turn anything they touch into gold.

Roulette wheel with royal flush of hearts tattoo. These folks are not in it to find the end of the rainbow with the big pot of gold, this is more about the thrill of the chase than anything. Gambling themed black and white casino roulette tattoo on shoulder combined with pistol and money. Beautiful gambling themed colored tattoo with gun and playing cards on shoulder.

Roulette, cards and hand throwing dice gambling tattoo on arm. There was the auction, the main condition of which was the application of the gambling tattoo with the address of the website. Daemon tools in fire on tummy.

54 Gambling Tattoos and Their Meanings

The overall association with gambling tattoos is that of luck, money, and the thrill of the unknown. Usually, they are depicted as playing cards, dice, sexy women, slot machines, roulette wheels, and usually smoking guns. These tattoos are also representative of a person who likes taking risks, someone who loves the thrill of living on the edge, and someone who has lady Luck on their side. Poker players in particular only know one way of living, and that is on the edge where they might be forced to put everything in the center of the pot to either win or lose it all.

Gambling tattoos

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Among them there have been famous men playing basketball, Olympic champions and even the winners of the eating contests. Lucky number seven coloured tattoo. For these folks, there is no glamor to gambling, in fact, in many cases, it has taken everything from them except their tattoo. The tattoo application was always connected with pain and it was considered that pain strengthened the spirit.

Tattoos protected, told everybody about the fate of their hosts and attracted luck. The true gambler is willing to take risks that others are not, willing to put everything on the line for the sake of that next rush. Gorgeous colored playing cards upper arm gambling tattoo. Ace of spades is also a very popular gambling tattoo among the gamblers who play cards. Follow Us on Facebook Tattoos gallery.

Beautiful gambling themed roulette, pretty lady and pack of dollars sleeve colored tattoo. Gambling tattoos The tradition of ornamenting the body with symbols came to us from ancient times. For some, gambling provides them more than they know what to do with, for others, it takes away more than money. Gambling tattoos are representative of good fortune and luck, or it could be that this person just has a love for everything that has to do with gambling.