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Dating Ancestor Photos Through Clothing and Hairstyles

The three pieced suit and the ascot appeared at the end of the s. However, the cases were soon replaced by paper sleeves. During the s, several new male garments were introduced, most notably the comfortable lounging jacket that was shorter than the stately frock coat and often worn with loose, delhi online dating sites contrasting trousers fig.

Ingredients for a Simple Life. From the bustle disappears and skirts often had trains. Narrowing the date range a photograph was taken will narrow down the potential candidates the people can be.

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Wide, structured shoulders were fashionable. The bell-shaped sleeve worn over cotton or linen under-sleeves was fashionable. Passionate about genealogy research and helping others find resources and tools to confidently research their genealogy, Lisa can be found at LisaLisson. Some are obviously older photographs. If you know the time period a photograph was taken, you can narrow down possible candidates on your family tree.

You may not have much oral history in your family or a large extended family to ask. Trousers were more common in women. Shirt collars were tall and stiff.

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Clothing is a very good indication of when a photograph was taken. Research the hair and clothing fashions you find. Ideally we should consider all these criteria when considering the clothing of family members as seen in old photographs. From the bustle comes back more exaggerated and angular than in the s. Hats are low-crowned, soft felts, worn rakishly as if making a joke of being dressed up.

Dating and Identifying Your Old Family Photographs

But wherever they were, I think it was taken in the s. Coats were usually single-breasted. By the s, form-fitting silhouettes were worn with skirts longer than at the end of the s. As the decade went on, brighter colors and larger patterns were trendy.

Their hair was often parted in the center with curls or braids at the ears. Then the volume moved up to behind the butt. Knickerbockers were sometimes worn. Tiny boys often wore loose blouse-like tops or tunics and open shorts, around the turn of the century fig. By the time photography reached a mass market in the s, what's the best dating the concept of fashion was already well-established and was widely understood across the social spectrum.

Men wore large mutton chop sideburns and moustaches. The typical lounge suit of the Edwardian era was slender or easy in cut, the lounge jacket made to around hip length and usually featuring neat lapels fig. Dictated by war and rationing, new york skirts became shorter again. Welcome to the fifth in our series of blogs about how to understand and interpret your old family photos.

Mary Minnie Left Mary Minnie was photographed in mid to late s. Like the daguerreotypes, ambrotypes are in small hinged cases. Family historians often wonder whether their poorer forebears would have been able to dress very fashionably.

  • Lapels widened and suits had natural waists.
  • Broad shouldered, double-breasted suits were common again.
  • Where do you find examples of hairstyles and fashions from different time periods?
  • Waistlines were at a natural height and lowered to a point in front.
  • Hair was often short and got increasingly voluminous throughout the decade.
Dating and Identifying Your Old Family Photographs

They curled their hair and wore sideburns. Notify me of new posts by email. During the s the popular smock dress was introduced, the fullness of the fabric falling freely from a fitted chest panel or yoke fig. Betty has selected a handful of beautiful photos submitted by our community members and has provided her insights below to help color in the story of their ancestors. For men, trousers became wider and cuffs reappeared.

By the s, usually all three pieces of the lounge suit matched and early in the decade the lapels of the lounge jacket were usually made quite wide fig. Mary Minnie was photographed in mid to late s. Hair was worn close to the head with low buns and hair nets were fashionable. She wears a typical hairstyle of the day with a middle part and the hair styled over the ears.

The type of photograph can place your photograph in a specific time period. Waists were slightly above the natural waist. Have you ever remembered when a photograph was taken of you based on your hairstyle or on the clothes you wore? Could the photograph s be of her sisters, parents, canadian girls dating or cousins?

The Photo Organizers

By the s, naturally-shaped skirts were fitting closely over the hips, the main dating feature of this decade being the bodice or blouse sleeve. Want help dating your old family photographs? So, there is a quick overview of costume history for dating your photographs. The photographs are all sizes. Who are the individuals in the photographs?

One thing to note, when fashions reach their most extreme they usually change dramatically to the exact opposite. She is offering to help a handful of community members date their historical family photographs. Share Tweet Share Pin Email.

Fashion & style

  1. Later, in the s and s, hand-knitted Fair Isle and other patterned knitwear was popular for jerseys and sleeveless vests.
  2. Having learned in the previous blog how photograph compositions and studio settings changed over the years, we now look closely at what our forebears are wearing in old photographs.
  3. This is such a great article on dating old photos.
  4. Email your old family photographs, along with any information you have about the photo and the person s in it to social ancestry.

Type of Photograph

Everyone wished to create a good impression in the treasured photographs that would later be shown to family and friends and might be displayed in an album, or hung on the wall. The key style clue here are her fancy pleated sleeve cuffs. Narrow trousers were worn early in the decade for men. Jackets were shorter and single-breasted and vests were not worn as much.

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