Daughter dating a criminal

Daughter dating a felon, dating someone with a serious criminal record

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Criticism and harsh judgement never work the way we hope they will. He wants to be in total control of her life. Sunday night my extended family got together fo celebrate October birthdays. Ask her why she loves him and what she thinks of his prior discretions. You know the answer to this dilemma.

But to be convicted of a felony you either have to have done a small thing multiple times or a big thing once. However, if he is trying to hide things from his future wife, that doesn't bode well. In the beginning, the illicit nature of Zangeif's past enticed me in ways that both frightened and thrilled me. All raise to know Jesus, dating fail and all trusted Him and were baptized by me. She still lives under your roof and you can take control over her car and many other freedoms.

Let me tell you, I have never been so petrified for her safety as I was that night. Months later, he would tell me that he was shocked that I wanted to see him again. Drop the negative things in your life that don't belong there and you will see all of your relationships start to take off to new heights. After hutch we drove to his house to pick the clothes his mom had washed for him. What kind of person do I hope she will marry and why?

The family is devastated, embarrassed, and ashamed. In fact, I welcomed it with open arms and loved every second of it even though most of the time it meant me not getting to do something that I wanted. Of course, its possible that he is truly reformed and will never get into trouble, but that may always be nagging at you in the back of your mind. Someone who would know and understand and be able to explain to you the limitations that this guy will put on you. Oh, and he has a bio mom, but she kicked him out.

He was not aware of the girls age at the time of the incident. Everyone knew about Zangeif's past and people wanted to talk about it. Since then I have tried and tried to make an effort to see them and the baby and I keep getting shot down.

The guy has no job, no car or license, no money and lives with his grandma. Finally, go park your ass in the chip isle that is oddly always vacant stupid health nuts. Then, I get long texts from her saying that she knows she is an idiot and after all the guy bought new tires for her car and he is human and deserves her respect, blah blah. She does not pay for rent or groceries.

It was really nice, and not at all scary! You respect her right to make her own decisions and you refuse to badger her about it. Spent money on his ow n needs.

  1. Figure it out for yourself how worth it his past is to you.
  2. Can you get a job as a nurse if you marry a convicted felon or sex offender?
  3. If you are referring to a man you are dating, yes.
  4. Someone would have to be pretttttty special for me to even begin to second-guess that.
Daughter dating a criminal

Dating someone with a serious criminal record

When her and her boyfriend fight, they both call on my husband to fix them. But he has disrespected us in so many ways since then. And, most of us found our way, however hard it was, however many times we fumbled and fell. Calm conversations immediately turn into arguments so we have hardly spoken. But they resented me for making them move I felt it was the best to let them grow up and move own as there own family.

It shows a much more disturbing pattern. Under what circumstances would you allow your year-old daughter to date a year-old? It totally depends on the crime. But prole that di not know him do not see it.

How long has he gone crime free? When we confronted him with it, he wanted to talk to my husband only. Life is not all about whatever feels right to me personally, right now.

Helping a Daughter Who Loves a Loser

Perhaps your daughter has seen another side to him and wants to encourage that to come out? To be honest, that's all I ask. Part of being an adult is taking care of yourself. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Now she has said she waiting for him because we all make mistakes and he forgave her and she is going to be there for him. He now smokes cigarettes which I highly loathe and has Been disrespectful to me and his father. He is trying to come up with the money himself. Has he behaved in ways that indicate he is actually changing?

Lauryn hill daughter dating a felon

Dating someone with a serious criminal record

True Story I Fell in Love With a Felon


Or, perhaps, you will see things that confirm your suspicions and worries but be sure to delineate how much of that is simply a self-fulfilling prophecy and how much is accurate. You say an inability to follow the law is a charactor flaw in the same breath you say smoking weed is ok in your book. Everyone else can see how crazy she is. Her response was a line of emojis. Its ok to just spray paint your name all over the White House?

How do you tell the father that what he is doing is wrong? You are given them something to bond their relationship, the hatred for you. As long as she is making poor decisions, it will be a struggle for you to allow her to do so. There is no right way to speak to her.

Daughter dating a criminal

Should I be excepting of my daughter marrying a convicted felon with a dishonorable discharge? Yes, they are married now with a daughter. The boy was very controlling of my daughter all during the day as we visited.

Helping a Daughter Who Loves a Loser

His behavior is concerning because he had a choice to leave in good terms. This situation is ripping the family apart. She pushes everything I have and the sadness and frustration I have are huge. Not what I wanted for her, not what I expected and I hear it every day from friends and family.

  • She is lovable and I want her to be happy.
  • It depends on your state and his convictions, but my ex was unable to rent a decent apartment in a safe neighborhood.
  • She is planning on moving in with him and marrying him.
  • Show your daughter what you find.

My dad is dead, but my mom stood by and did nothing to stop the abuse and often contributed to it. He would be headed to jail. Shes lazy and will just find another looser to take care of her. About the tamest scenario I can imagine is that he has a few misdemeanors for drug use and then was busted for dealing.

How to Modify Custody if the Mother is Dating a Convicted Felon

Teen dating would be a good topic bcause teens tend to go through or experience alot in a relationship and strongly believes in the word love. No, currently Austin is dating Kira, the daughter of Jimmy, the one that owns the record label that Austin is currently with. Did she leave that out to justify dating a convicted felon?

She has lost her ambition and he seems to have none. Our home life was very abusive and cause me many challenges. It might come to a point where you have made your opinion about the relationship known to where you just no longer talk about it.

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